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Hey there, Reader,

I am so excited for you to dive into this month's Quiz Challenge!

In this month's podcast episode, Starlight Mundy teaches us how to personalize your quiz, the strategy behind top-converting quizzes and the five quiz types that are perfect for course creators.

Quizzes are nothing new, but businesses have just found a way to use their popularity to accelerate the marketing process with their audience.

Instead of somebody joining your funnel, getting a lead magnet, beginning to get nurtured through an email sequence, what you’re doing with a quiz is essentially attracting them, diagnosing the problem that they have and and prescribing them results all within a few moments of those first few clicks.

That series of micro-commitments that they make with each click are why we are seeing them convert at 2-3X the average conversion rate.

Here's the Challenge for the month:

Everything for the Challenge is found in the SYC Members area in the Heartbeat app. I will include direct links to the places you need to go within Heartbeat for each step - including a link to a video tutorial to show you how to find what you need.

  • STEP #1: Listen to this month’s Challenge Podcast episode, β€œAll Things Quizzes with Starlight Mundy.” Subscribe to the Members-Only Podcast Feed to listen here.​
  • STEP #2: Once you have listened to the episode, you can move onto the Challenge for April 2023. There is a complete list of everything that you need to have handy all ready for you. Click here to access your Challenge materials.​
  • STEP #3: Show Up & Share/Get Support using the 'chit chat' and 'no stupid questions' thread in Heartbeat.

Step #3 is one of three new changes to your membership that I rolled out last month.

πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ I am retiring the SYC Challenge Check-in Spreadsheet in lieu of more opportunities to learn from each other, connect and potentially collaborate with each other inside of the Members Area. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Now you can Show Up and Share by posting in the β€˜chit-chat’ thread anytime to share your wins and AH-HA’s. And get support from myself and others by using the β€˜no stupid questions’ thread for any challenges or questions you may have.

Dates to be aware of:

πŸ“† SYC New Member Orientation: April 13th @ 11am EST - RSVP Here​

πŸ“† Monthly Ask Me Anything Session: April 18th @ 12:00pm EST ** NOW ON VOXER **

β€‹πŸ“† Affiliate Mixer: April 20th @ 1:00pm EST - RSVP Here​

πŸ“† Curriculum Co-Working Session: April 21st @ 12:30pm EST​ - RSVP Here​

πŸ“† Check-in Week: April 24th - 28th (no live events, but I will be checking your progress)

​Subscribe to our SYC Members Calendar by clicking here. This will add any and all events that are coming up as a part of your membership to your calendar with just 1-Click.

All events will happen inside of our area on the Heartbeat app unless otherwise stated (i.e. our new Ask Me Anything format). You will be able to RSVP and get email and app notifications from Heartbeat, as well as add it to your calendar, right inside the app. However, I am providing this link because some of you may just want to subscribe once and be done with it. Just have everything that's ever going to happen πŸͺ„ magically appear in your calendar. Same calendar; you choose how you want to keep track of it.

That's it for now, friends!

For my new Monetize My Course program, I revamped my offer using our February Challenge. This week I will be recording a Debrief and posting it in Heartbeat. Stay tuned!


MEMBERSHIP PRO TIP: This membership uses Borrowing Other People's audiences to get traffic, build authority and sell more courses. You can use the Directory feature in Heartbeat to find potential collab partners. Consider DMing them and introducing yourself. Or hop in and out of audio-only rooms with other members if you want to brainstorm with each other at any time.

I'm Samantha, your friendly neighbourhood You’re friendly, neighbourhood Course Developer & Strategist.

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